Carole’s Quilts and Quilt Repair

Carole is an award winning quilter and designer who does charity quilts for Quilts of Valor, Linus Project, Elizabeth House and other local causes.  She has done some restoration work, too. Carole has tutorials on her blog for borders, binding, and many other quilting projects.  See her blog at From My Carolina Home.


Carole does some quilt restoration work on well loved quilts with sentimental value.  If you have a quilt that needs repair, Carole might be able to help.  Some of the repairs made by hand include this rabbit that was coming apart around the stitching.  Here is the before and after –



This Sunbonnet Sue was in terrible shape, but was repaired with tulle and machine stitching.  Here are several before and after photos.

Blue before


green before


Purple before


She constructed a quilt for a fellow nurse from blocks left to him by his grandmother.  Most of the blocks were from the decade of the 1930s.  The blocks were squared up and some borders added to make them all the same size.


A border was added, then it was quilted.  Alex was very pleased with the final result.


Contact Carole to give an estimate on your quilt for repair by emailing her at frommycarolinahome at gmail dot com.


Carole does charity quilting as well for various charities in the local area.

QOVfinish2 QOV5 QOV3

These Anita’s Arrowhead quilts were quilted for Elizabeth House.

EHlastclose.jpg ElizabethHouse2 ElizabethHouse6 ElizabethHouse7

This Mad Hatter Quilt was done for a Boys and Girls Club auction. The kids did the blocks with fabric paint, and the quilting outlined their artwork.

MadHatter1.jpg MadHatterback2.jpg

Carole quilted the Relay For Life quilt which was auctioned at the Relay for Life event in 2014 to fund cancer research.


She does a limited number of charity quilts for outside groups each year, contact Carole to see if she has space for your project.  Email at [ frommycarolinahome at gmail dot com ]

Carole’s quilts have won awards at the Mountain Regional State Fair.

AutumnBrightfairribbon BstofShow

She is also a quilt designer for Fave Quilts.

ISpyFinished-4 DNPfinish


4 thoughts on “Carole’s Quilts and Quilt Repair

  1. Carole restored my grandmother’s quilt beautifully. No one else would touch it, but all it needed was some appliques restitched and a corner reconstructed. You cannot tell where the repairs are!! Very pleased.


  2. Beautiful work. I’m trying to repair my friend’s great grandmother ‘a quilt but people cut out entire blocks top, batting and backing. I have been able to recreate a block to fit in the spots but now I don’t know how to join them together since front and back have raw edges. Wondering if you have any thoughts. Thank you


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